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SOLVES is our Secure On-Demand Video Enablement Service that all our business products are built on. SOLVES is transforming how companies interact with their customers as well as creating a whole new Video, Voice and Real-Time Text industry of services.

Our SOLVES platform is the backbone of VTCSecure’s technology  and represents the next generation of advanced call centers. One of the advantages is it affords call centers the ability to accommodate the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf Blind, and Blind Communities, in addition to providing On-Demand Video Services for numerous other industries. Our solution can be hosted in the Cloud, eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware, or installed locally on your own servers. It’s Scalable and Modular Design allows for customization to create a needs-based solution for your organization or for your customers. It also includes state-of-the-art Security and Encryption capabilities. The SOLVES solution enables seamless integration with existing databases & communication systems which drastically reduces implementation time.  Secure Web Portals for Administrators, Agents, Customers, Reporting, and Billing give our customers complete control and administration over all functionality.  Connecting to SOLVES is streamlined by using existing standards-based video conferencing equipment or open source software for Android, iOS, Mac and PC.

Call Centers

SOLVES is scalable enough to provide a complete call center experience to a large organization but is also customizable to suit the needs of a smaller business. Let’s work towards achieving stellar customer service and Equal and Effective Communication for All!   Why SOLVES for my Call Center:
  • Next Generation Call Centers for Small, Mid and Large size businesses as well as Government Agencies
  • Instant and Easy Set-Up
  • Availability of multi queues, skills and routing
  • Cost Saving
  • Ability to serve the disability communities 
  • Capability to add Video and Real Time Text to your current system



*Cloud Hosted                                          *Web Based                                              

 *Secure                                                      *Scalable                                                      

*Multi Queues                                          *Live Automated Speech to Text 

*Customizable                                          *Skills Based Routing

*Voice, Video and Real time Text         *Agent and Admin controls

*Billing and Reporting                           *Automatic Call Distribution             

*Multo Conferencing Unit                    *CRM API integration

*Click to Call                                           *Hardware Agnostic   


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Disabilty Accessability

With SOLVES you are now able to serve your Deaf and/or Blind customers better than ever. Here are just some examples of how SOLVES can help you serve and grow this specialized customer base and be used to improve communication for all members of the Disability Community. 


*If your business provides any of the above services and would like to learn more about being part of SOLVES or the Video Market Place please CONTACT US.


Video Remote Dispatch

VRD is a highly secure, tactical communications platform that allows any remote field personnel with an existing data-connected device to instantly access the next available dispatch agent or remote service using encrypted, real-time voice and video conferencing. Once connected, the remote video service or dispatch agent can now hear, speak and see what is happening on the scene, in real time.  Imagine instantaneous situational support to dispatch medical help, call in backup, bridge in critical services such as language interpretation, or transfer the voice and video feed to the appropriate high-level director or department. This state of the art, secure platform provides critical, military grade remote support and services to those in the field without the need to carry additional equipment.

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RESCUE NET uses Internet Protocol technology to provide real-time video, voice and text communications for emergency response. The service combines open source software endpoints that are compatible with widely used mobile devices and computers with a software defined network and automated call distribution platform to provide first responders with the ability to use existing mobile and fixed communications networks to securely send and receive encrypted video, voice and text communications.

The benefit of the RESCUE NET is that it allows emergency responders to utilize any available mobile or computer device and existing networks to provide emergency services in a disaster. The RESCUE NET Service enables 21st Century emergency communications without requiring construction of specialized facilities or the purchase of dedicated end user devices.

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PUC - Your Personal Universal Communicator

PUC : Welcome to the future of all your communication needs! PUC is based on the open source ACE APP VTCSecure developed for the Federal Communications Commission. Why PUC?

  • All your communication in one place
    • Voice Calls
    • Video Calls
    • Messaging
    • Real Time Chat
  • Easy sign up
  • Available on PC, MAC, Android and iOS devices
  • FREE
  • Secure
  • Was orginally developed for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Blind
  • Access to Businesses and Services at the click of the button

Learn more and download at


PUC for Internal Business Use

  • Fully customizable for look and branding
  • Voice, Video and Real Time Text that can be utilized in your private network 
  • GPS Location Services

Video Service Marketplace

The Future of Marketplaces to Access On Demand Services


  • Easy Access for Customers to Find and call your business
  • Businesses listed on PUC Website and Application to ease of use to find and connect
  • Save Business telecom prices by having customers call directly to call center via web or app


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