December 15, 2016

The Federal Communications Commission on Dec 15th, 2016 ruled that phone companies replace the currently used text telephone communications (TTY) to now support real-time text to provide better technology and more reliable telephone communications for Americans who are deaf, hard of hearing, Deaf-blind or those with a speech disability. (Learn more at

VTCSecure has already developed and utilized real-time text in both their communication applications as well as their SOLVES call center platform and are experts in the area.  They have already publically launched this year a communication app with Live Video, Voice, Real-Time Text, Chat and File Sharing called PUC. (Learn more about PUC at

“We have worked closely with the Deaf community and the FCC in the past on the ACEAPP which included RTT in the project and are glad to see this finally passed. This allows the disability community access to better technology and communication and has been anticipated for a while now” said CEO of VTCSecure Peter Hayes after hearing of the ruling.  He continued, “We knew this was in everyone’s best interest to be adopted and want to personally thank the FCC on all their hard work and efforts to get this passed. We know it’s been a long time coming.  This is a great thing for “Equal and Effective Communication for All”, not only in the deaf community, and wanted to be ahead of the game which is why we have already incorporated real-time text into several of our products.”

VTCSecure looks forward to working with all companies that need to upgrade their TTY communication to RTT. They already have the technology implemented and have also developed a cloud based full service call center solution to set up companies efficiently to have their own deaf to deaf call centers to better serve their Deaf customers. To learn more go to or email



VTCSecure, LLC is a five-year old company headquartered in Clearwater, Florida that provides next generation communication software and networking.  VTCSecure provides cloud based “software as a service” offerings that include a Live Video, Voice, Real-Time Text and file sharing capable call center solution (SOLVES) as well as a communication application (PUC). VTCSecure’s team of experienced professionals can rapidly tailor SOLVES, PUC, and their PUC Network to meet any communications situation or demand. VTCSecure is known to be experts in their field and have focused their efforts to improve communication and technology in the disability community with applications and solutions specifically focused for deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind and blind persons.