SOLVES HIRES is a fully accessible Video, Voice, and Real-Time Text Communications Platform designed specifically for recruiting. It decreases recruiting time, increases accuracy saving time and money. It does not require the downloading of software and requires only a web browser on a computer or mobile device. SOLVES HIRES gives you the ability to host an Online Career Fair without anyone having to travel. Using SOLVES HIRES also gives your organization the ability to add on and provide Speech to Text for the Hard of Hearing, an interpreter for the Deaf or live translation of 120 languages/dialects if needed. With SOLVES HIRES you can interview thousands of candidates in a short time greatly increasing your candidate pool.

Live Video Career Fairs

SOLVES HIRES  can be used to host Live Video Career Fairs where companies can set up a specific day and time to conduct live video interviews. The candidate can connect via computer or mobile device with one click of a link, choose which company and/or position they are interested in and be routed to the right HR rep for that position.

Key Points:

  • Ability to interview hundreds of candidates LIVE in a short period of time
  • SOLVES HIRES only requires a web browser so HR reps and candidates can be at home, in their office, or anywhere in the world
  • Interactions can be recorded so managers and team members can review
  • It’s very simple to connect, totally customizable and fully accessible
  • Can inform caller number in queue they are in line via messaging
  • Ability to have caller leave interview messages (If applicable)
  • Ability to add transcription of speech or a sign language interpreter to interactions
Download PDF about SOLVES HIRES