SOLVES HIRES is a fully accessible Video, Voice, and Real-Time Text Communications Platform designed specifically for recruiting. It decreases recruiting time, increases accuracy saving time and money. It does not require the downloading of software and requires only a web browser on a computer or mobile device. You have the option to collect Live Automated Video Interviews or host an Online Career Fair without anyone having to travel. The interviews can be transcribed automatically to searchable text and uploaded to your candidate tracking system. Using SOLVES HIRES gives your organization the ability to provide Speech to Text for the Hard of Hearing, an interpreter for the Deaf or live translation of 120 languages/dialects. With SOLVES HIRES you can interview thousands of candidates in a short time greatly increasing your candidate pool.

Automated Live Video Interview’s

Automated Live Video Interviews give you the ability to provide a link that candidates can use either from their computer or mobile device to connect and be guided through a process where they are recorded in real-time answering fully customizable interview questions.  During this time candidates can’t pause to look up answers as they are being recorded in  real-time. When employers are looking at resumes  they can now view the recorded video to help decide which candidates to move forward with in the interview process.

Key Points:

  • Employer can decide what questions to ask and length of time for answers
  • All interactions are recorded and LIVE, no ability to pause or start over
  • Videos can also be transcribed into searchable text
  • If a company has multiple job openings there can be one link that leads to a menu of available jobs to interview for
  • The Automated Live Interviews are also completely accessible to those with disabilities making this a one of a kind product

Automated Live Video Interview

$$25001st position
  • Only $50.00 per additional positions
  • Position link good for up to 30 days
  • Up to 5 questions per position

Additional Add-ons

$Variesper position
  • Additional Questions (if over 5)
  • Transcription of Audio
  • Translation from ASL or Foreign Language

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Live Video Career Fairs

SOLVES HIRES  also can be used to host Live Video Career Fairs where companies can set up a specific day and time to conduct live video interviews. The candidate can connect via computer or mobile device with one click of a link, choose which company and/or position they are interested in and be routed to the right HR rep for that position.

Key Points:

  • Ability to interview hundreds of candidates LIVE in a short period of time
  • SOLVES HIRES only requires a web browser so HR reps and candidates can be at home, in their office, or anywhere in the world.
  • Interactions can be recorded so managers and team members can review
  • Interactions can be transcribed into searchable text
  • It’s very simple to connect, totally customizable and fully accessible

Career Fair Pricing/Details

$contact us
  • Event up to 4 hours
  • Recording interaction Available (For additional cost)
  • Speech to Text or ASL Interpreter can be added to interactions (For additional cost)