VTCSecure News

~4/26/22~ Austin, TX – Communication Service for the Deaf has launched an American Sign Language-based COVID-19 information hotline in the City of Austin, Texas. This hotline gives the approximately 4 million Texans who are Deaf or hard of hearing access to the latest coronavirus health information and guidelines in their native language, American Sign Language (ASL). The hotline is available online at CSD’s Austin COVID Information website or through videophone.

~3/11/21~ TELLIS is born in Ravenna, the first service in Italy that allows deaf and hearing people to call each other. TELLIS is the name of the innovative service conceived and promoted by the Service & Work Cooperative of Ravenna and dedicated to the hearing impaired population. TELLIS is the first service in Italy that will allow deaf people to be able to autonomously make their calls through a specialized platform, with cutting-edge technology, which makes available remotely connected Italian Sign Language (LIS) interpreters. 

~3/22/18~    VTCSecure was honored to have been part of making remote Sign Language Interpreting a part of the ITU sessions today!   See Tweet from ITU Sec Gen’s Office