Welcome to VTCSecure

VTCSecure is a global leader in communication access for those with disabilities. We are comprised of a hand-picked group of industry telecom experts, disability specialists and elite management who use the latest technology and implemented best practices to create the most advanced next generation communication solutions. Our focus is to set a higher bar for accessibility providing answers to communication problems by delivering the communication tools necessary for all people to do their jobs and live their lives to the fullest extent imaginable. We design, create and host advanced communication service software for businesses, governments and citizens around the globe.  Our service based cloud solutions can be used to enhance your current business processes, deliver functional equivalence to those with disabilities and provide a next generational call center experience for your customers by providing the very best secure on-demand Voice, Video, Real-Time Text and Speech Transcription services available.

Our Focus


Accessible Communication Solutions for the Deaf and/or Blind Communities

Our solutions include a variety of products including Video Relay Service, Video Remote Interpreting, Deaf to Deaf Call centers as well as Video Remote Assistance for the Blind.

Consult with Organizations, Governments and Businesses to assist meeting the need of the Deaf/Blind Communities.

With over 20 years of experience building and setting up accessible services in Fortune 500 Companies, Financial Institutions and Government offices we can consult and testify in several areas relating to ADA compliance and help people find the best way to comply.

Live Video, Voice & Real-Time Text Call Center Solutions

Our state of the art platform was built to be installed anywhere in the world using Cloud Hosting to offer the most robust, secure and scalable Full Service Call Center. Already built in are specialty services like Automated Speech to Text for Heard of Hearing customers as well Foreign Language Translation for Foreign Speakers.

Our Approach

VTCSecure takes a collaborative approach to technological innovation. We recognize that necessity is the mother of all invention, and that demand for equal and effective communication among the Deaf and Hard of Hearing initially gave rise to our video call center solutions. We will always remain dedicated to serving the telecommunication needs of members of of the disabilities communities, and thus seek input from those users of our technology. Additionally, our partner businesses, governments, and organizations have had an important voice in shaping the development of our technology. Their feedback not only helps us create the highest quality of products and services, but it also expands the conversation about disabilities, telecommunications, and technological advancement on a larger scale.

Ultimately, our approach is very simple: we seek to fully understand the business, product, or service needed, as well as the specific needs of customers or end users. When we design solutions for a specific community, such as the Deaf or Blind Communities, we interact with the end users to determine what features and specific requirements need to be addressed so we can develop a specific solution that meets both the customers and end users needs.