January 18th, 2017

On the same day that the FCC rules on SIP interoperability for VRS providers and interoperability with the ACE initiative the FCC grants VTCSecure access to the TRS numbering directory. Historically only VRS Providers were allowed to access this database. This new ruling means VTCSecure’s SOLVES platform is now fully accessible from any deaf video phone in the US. As mentioned by the FCC, VRS providers have a disincentive (quote from order)  to provide access as it takes away VRS minutes.  This limited organizations in the past but now VTCSecure can provide access through it’s platform opening up a whole new opportunity to the community.

Any company using the SOLVES platform by VTCSecure can provide direct video service to their deaf and hard of hearing customers through live Video, Voice, Real-Time Text (as well as TTY) and offer an automated Speech to Text Functionality while in voice or video call. Customers will now be able to contact the service by any current Video Phone issued by a VRS provider, as well as VTCSecure’s free communication app PUC or even a click to call button on the company’s website. This will allow companies to be fully compliant with RTT (previously TTY) requirements and give best possible service to their deaf and hard of hearing customers. This also opens up opportunities for existing and startup small deaf businesses as well as those organizations that serve the deaf community such as VRI providers. It also means deaf organizations can now have a phone system that is equivalent to hearing where users can transfer, conference and have queues for their organization. Peter Hayes, CEO of VTCSecure after reading the order stated “This creates unprecedented access that opens up the deaf and hard of hearing community to functionally equivalent direct access that has been lacking especially in business and government services. We are proud to be a part of this next generation of communication services.”

VTCSecure looks forward to working with all VRS providers to ensure the best possible experience when deaf callers using the direct video services from their current videophones. We know this will not only provide better service and functional equivalency but more jobs in the deaf community as well.

 To learn more about the SOLVES platform contact VTCSecure at 202-888-7900 or info@vtcsecure.com.

To read Order from the FCC go to https://www.fcc.gov/document/vtcsecure-waiver-order