S.O.L.V.E.S- Secure On-Demand Video Enablement Solution

PUC- Personal Universal Communicator

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The Video, Voice, Real-Time Text and Automated Speech to text accessible communications solution.

VTCSecure’s SOLVES platform is a comprehensive, set of secure, open source, standards based advanced communication tools comprised of server side software and Apps for most major operating systems that can be instantly deployed and configured to meet any communication requirement. It’s cloud hosted, web based, scalable, customizable, user friendly, and built on ITU standards so its reachable from most video endpoints in use today, including P.U.C. VTCSecure’s free open source endpoint for Android, iOS, Mac & PC, as well as a click-to-call link on a webpage using WebRTC through Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Connecting to S.O.L.V.E.S.

  • Agents, Admin & Supervisors connect through customizable secure web portals, no download required.
  • Standards based so S.O.L.V.E.S is interoperable from most video endpoints in use today. Works with Avaya, Cisco, Lifesize, Lync, Polycom, and many more.
  • P.U.C. (Personal Universal Communicator), VTCSecure’s free open source endpoint for Android, iOS, Mac & PC can be customized & branded keeping your brand identity.
  • WebRTC links can be added to webpages for no hassle, click to call.
  • PSTN, bound and outbound calling can be used simultaneously with video calls

Administration of S.O.L.V.E.S.

S.O.L.V.E.S. intuitive design combined with secure customizable web interfaces makes setting up of Agents, Administrators, Skills, Queues & Call Flows extremely fast and  easy.

  • Unlimited Queues, Skills, & Users
  • Add Music, Pictures, or Videos to Hold rooms, Menus, Messages, & Queues with one click
  • Create multiple custom IVVRs
  • Set multiple work & holiday hours in the same call flow
  • Import users from .CSV
  • Set time zones per queue
  • Skills based call routing
  • Visual Call Flow Creator
  • Pre-Written Agent Scripts
  • Creating of Agent Billboard to share daily information

Key Agent Features

  • Available, Un-Available, Resting
  • Transfer, Hold, Call Back
  • Rollover & Re-queue
  • CRM Access Via Screen Pop
  • Sharing of Desktop, Browsing, Pictures, & Videos
  • Video Screen Layout Control
  • Multi Conference up to 20 Audio or Video
  • Consultative & Direct Transfer
  • Agent messaging
  • Flashing Ring Indicator
  • Next Gen GPS & E-911 Compatible

Visual Call Flow Creator

Powerful visual tool that makes creating the most complex call flows quick and easy.  Each endpoint is completely configurable, and call flows can have multiple queues, hold rooms, messages, business hours, SMS and video mail. You can use a combination of images, text, videos and audio messages to customize each part of your call flow!

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Direct Accessibility Like No Other

S.O.L.V.E.S. was engineered with accessibility in mind making it the only choice to accommodate the Deaf, Deaf Blind, Blind, Low Vision, and Hard of Hearing Customers from one solution.


“The Future of Deaf Direct Customer Service”

Any company using the SOLVES platform by VTCSecure can provide direct video service to their deaf and hard of hearing customers through live Video, Voice, Real-Time Text (as well as TTY) and offer an automated Speech to Text Functionality while in a video call. Customers can connect using any iOS, Android, PC or MAC via a click to call button on the company’s website. In January 2017 the FCC released an order that grants VTCSecure as the first ever non-VRS provider to have access to the National iTRS numbering directory. Customers will now be able to contact the service by any current Video Phone issued by a VRS provider as well. This will allow companies to be fully compliant with RTT (previously TTY) requirements that was released in Dec 2016 and give best possible service to ALL their Deaf and Hard of Hearing customers.



With SOLVES you are now able to serve your Deaf, Hard of Hearing and/or Blind customers better than ever. Here are just some examples of how SOLVES can help you serve and grow this specialized customer base and be used to improve communication for all members of the Disability Community.

  • Direct Sign Language to Sign Language Call Centers for Business and Local/Federal Government
  • Video Remote Interpreting- For the Deaf as well as Foreign Language speakers
  • Deaf Owned Business or Association PBX Solution
  • Captioned Telephone Service
  • Video Remote Assistance for the Blind
  • International VRS and VRI

*If your business provides or looking to provide any of the above services and interested how SOLVES can being your service to the next level please CONTACT US.



Incident Response

The Most Complete Real Time Communication Incident Response Solution

  • Instantly create a video, voice and text real time text communications system on top of any existing IP network.
  • Gives unprecedented real time communication between Police, Fire, EMS, the Public, strategically placed cameras and central command using specific equipment or commonly used mobile devices.
  • Instantly send out Updates, Alerts, Messages, and Instructions.
  • First responders can work together to manage resources, provide backup, and updates.
  • Instantly create a video, voice, and real time text network.
  • Instantly provide Foreign Language Translation, ASL Support, Video Assistance to the Blind, Communicate with Deaf Blind and Hard of Hearing with Automated Speech to text.
  • Receive Real Time Video & Pictures from First Responders and the Public.
  • Next Generation GPS for Real-Time Situation Monitoring.

Video Remote Dispatch

VRD is a highly secure, tactical communications platform that allows any remote field personnel with an existing data-connected device to instantly access the next available dispatch agent or remote service using encrypted, real-time voice and video conferencing. Once connected, the remote video service or dispatch agent can now hear, speak and see what is happening on the scene, in real time.  Imagine instantaneous situational support to dispatch medical help, call in backup, bridge in critical services such as language interpretation, or transfer the voice and video feed to the appropriate high-level director or department. This state of the art, secure platform provides critical, military grade remote support and services to those in the field without the need to carry additional equipment.

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RESCUE NET uses Internet Protocol technology to provide real-time video, voice and text communications for emergency response. The service combines open source software endpoints that are compatible with widely used mobile devices and computers with a software defined network and automated call distribution platform to provide first responders with the ability to use existing mobile and fixed communications networks to securely send and receive encrypted video, voice and text communications.

The benefit of the RESCUE NET is that it allows emergency responders to utilize any available mobile or computer device and existing networks to provide emergency services in a disaster. The RESCUE NET Service enables 21st Century emergency communications without requiring construction of specialized facilities or the purchase of dedicated end user devices.

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YOUR Personal Universal Communicator

PUC : Welcome to the future of all your communication needs!

Why PUC?

  • All your communication in one place
    • Voice Calls
    • Video Calls
    • Messaging
    • Real Time Chat
    • File Sharing
    • Voicemail
  • Available on PC, MAC, Android and iOS devices
  • FREE Sign Up and FREE Downloads
  • Secure
  • Was originally developed for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Blind

(PUC is based on the open source ACE APP VTCSecure developed for the Federal Communications Commission.)

Learn more and download at www.puc.me

PUC for Internal Business Use

  • Create your own “Association” for your business, local government, community group or church
  • Fully customizable for look and branding
  • Voice, video, and realtime text that can be utilized in your private network
  • GPS Location Services