Using VTCSecure’s technology, Ability Jobs held its 2nd successful, first of its kind Live Online Career Fair on October 25th, 2018.  Ability Jobs has helped Facebook, Bank of America, Waste Management, & Aetna host online career fairs to recruit and hire candidates with disabilities. Interested candidates submit their resume and sign up online which automatically generates a link to access the online career fair for a specific date and time. To access the career fair, the candidate clicks on the link from any computer or mobile device with internet access and automatically connects via audio and video to the VTCSecure SOLVES platform.  The candidate then chooses which company and position they are interviewing for and is placed in queue to speak with the next available HR representative from that company. VTCSecure’s Next-Generation SOLVES platform also has the ability to add dictation for those who are hard of hearing, as well as bridge on a sign language interpreter for deaf candidates.  VTCSecure’s technology makes job fairs accessible to those who would normally not be able to attend such hiring events. The online career fairs have been so successful that many of the companies are looking to use this technology for all of their hiring needs. Peter Hayes, CEO of VTCSecure states “We are proud to use our technology to help people with disabilities get employment. It has proven to be a trend that we build applications for those with disabilities which end up having uses for everyone. Companies now want to use this technology for the hiring for all potential candidates.”
SOVLES also has the ability to host Live Automated Interviews that does not require someone to host the interview.  In this case, after clicking on the link and selecting the position, the candidate is taken through a guided process of answering predetermined, timed questions.  The answers are recorded in live real time and once started, the recording cannot be paused or stopped.  The number of questions and the recording time is completely configurable to fit the specific needs of the position.  Once the automated interview is finished, companies will receive a video and transcript of the interview, saving recruiters and HR reps time and money by eliminating many initial interviews and filtering through potential candidates.
————————————————– is a service of ABILITY Corps—helping companies and job seekers with disabilities connect to increase employment outcomes by using the highest level of accessibility.

VTCSecure, LLC  is a global company that provides On-Demand, Video, Voice & Text Call Center Services that are secure and accessible from any device. VTCSecure is known to be experts in their field and have focused their efforts to improve communication and technology in the disability community with applications and solutions specifically focused for deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind and blind persons. To learn more about the SOLVES platform contact VTCSecure at 202-888-7900 or