October 14th, 2016

VTCSecure released today the Beta version of its Personal Universal Communicator (PUC) endpoint application. PUC Beta is now available for iOS in the Apple Store, Android in the Play Store, and by download from the PUC website for Mac and Windows operating systems.

PUC is an interoperable, standards based, cross platform software application that enables users to engage in real time video, voice and text communications over the Internet. Built into PUC are cutting edge capabilities like real time text, automated speech to text, emergency broadcast alerting and the ability to interoperate with next generation 911 platforms.

“What makes PUC exciting is that users can engage in simultaneous video, voice and text communications using cell phones, tablets and computers running Apple, Android, or Windows operating systems” said Peter Hayes, CEO of VTCSecure. He continued, “The real breakthrough is that PUC can be used to communicate with any standards based application using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This means that PUC users will be able to communicate with hundreds of millions of existing SIP endpoints around the world because our app is interoperable and not a closed system like Skype or Facebook.”

The Beta release is being used globally by governments, companies, and private citizens in a number of pilot programs. PUC is being used in the Caribbean and United Kingdom to test video teleconferencing and on-demand language translation services. In the United States PUC is being tested by universities for its speech to text and on-demand language translation capabilities and by companies interested in providing direct video customer service centers or video relay service. In addition, VTCSecure is testing PUC Beta in several environments, including an overlay call center application that works with a company’s existing SIP endpoints and utilizing PUC’s video service marketplace button to provide one-touch access to services.

PUC is the first standards based Internet protocol communications endpoint that integrates both cellular SMS and Real Time Text capability for communications using any of the major commercially available operating systems. When combined with VTCSecure’s cloud based network PUC users will be able to engage in real time automated speech to text translation, multiparty video conferencing, and anytime, anywhere video, voice or text communications.

VTCSecure, LLC is a five-year old communications software and networking company headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. VTCSecure provides cloud based “software as a service” offerings that include video call centers, multiparty video conferencing, and network services. VTCSecure’s team of experienced professionals is able to rapidly tailor PUC, PUC Network and its video calling services to meet any situation or demand. PUC is an improved version of the open source Accessible Communications for Everyone (ACE) application that VTCSecure successfully built in one year. VTCSecure delivered ACE in May 2016 on time and on budget under $10 million contract with the Federal Communications Commission.