Who We Are

VTCSecure is comprised of a hand picked group of industry telecom experts, disability specialists and elite management who use the latest technology and implemented best practices to create the most advanced next generation communication solutions. Our focus is to set the bar higher by providing answers to communication problems by delivering the communication tools necessary for all people to do their jobs and live their lives to the fullest extent imaginable.

We design, create and host advanced communication service software for businesses, governments and citizens around the globe. Effective communication is a necessity that should be granted to everyone, regardless of their background or situation. All people should have equal access to advanced communication services that bring together a world where “Equal and Effective Communication for All” is a reality.

Our service based cloud solutions can be used to enhance your current business processes, deliver functional equivalence to those with disabilities and provide a next generational call center experience for your customers by providing the very best secure on-demand Voice, Video, Real-Time Text and Speech Transcription services available.

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Meet the Team

Peter Hayes
Peter HayesChief Executive Officer (CEO)
Peter Hayes is the founder and CEO of VTCSecure. He has over 20 years experience designing, implementing, managing and marketing large scale communication platforms. He has a passion for solving complex communication challenges through customer interaction and the application of proven but emerging solutions.

Peter is also considered an industry leader in Voice, Video & Data encompassing unified communications, accessibility, call centers, automated call distribution, networking, security, cloud hosting, local/wide/global networks and carrier grade systems.

Peter has also spent the last 10 years integrating voice and video communication to provide increased access for people with disabilities. He has provided complex, secure, realtime video conferencing and translation solutions to state, local and federal government agencies, all 5 branches of the military, intelligence agencies, large government contractors, and many fortune 500 organizations.

Residing in Clearwater Beach, FL with his family. The Hayes’ enjoy spending time together outdoors, especially at the beach. However, Peter spends most of his free time studying emerging technology to find new ways to ensure “Equal and Effective Communication for All”.

Ian Blenke
Ian BlenkeChief Technology Officer (CTO)
Ian grew up in a family immersed in early mainframe computing, his youth was spent in an 8 bit machine language world. Starting with Basic on a Commodore PET and TRS80s in grade school, the Commodore 64 engulfed his formative high school years where he mastered 6502 machine language.

In 1991, he discovered the ARPAnet while working at Harris. He is the co-founder of and he ran an early ISP in the days of the pre-“Internet Boom”. Since then, he has jumped between building Telecommunications infrastructures and Managed Services built primarily on OpenSource with just enough vendor gear to solve real world problems. He built an integrated H.323/SIP platform for one of the largest deaf Video Relay Service providers.

From a homegrown Configuration Management harness for a few thousand linux virtual machines to running startups on CI/CD cloud infrastructure, Ian is old school DevOps.

Ian’s goals are to continue a life-long journey of learning the ever-growing OpenSource ecosystem while embracing Agile methodologies and software craftsmanship skills and the creation of new cloud based platforms and services that people actually use.

When Ian is not changing the world one data cloud at a time he enjoys time at home with his wife and their cats.

Becky Copeland, MBA
Becky Copeland, MBAChief Operations Officer (COO)
Becky’s professional journey over the last 15 years has been a unique mix of corporate and community related experiences across a wide range of healthcare, medical, educational, marketing and technology services. She started VTCSecure in August 2015 and manages all aspects of operations, including administration, HR, Finance and Marketing.

Over the years, Becky has successfully developed and honed key skills vital for a variety of professional functions, including possessing a keen acumen for identifying opportunities, defining business goals, developing strategic plans through market analysis, and building high-performing teams through on-going and leading-edge training.

Her talent for team collaboration has enabled her to facilitate ideas between senior management, investors and stakeholders, and to effectively align business operations with company goals and objectives. In fact, as a leader in business intelligence, she has a proven record of positively impacting operational effectiveness through improving processes, and establishing performance standards.

As also a nationally certified sign language interpreter, she has facilitated businesses and private individuals in various settings including high-level business meetings, technology training, and in legal, medical, educational and recreational environments.

Her advocacy for the Deaf community has led her to actively collaborate with both profit and non-profits organizations. Becky’s extensive portfolio in this field has includes organizing educational and outreach events, building an interactive online presence, developing and managing appropriate programs for patients, and procuring funding and other resources, for the deaf and hard of hearing communities.

Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in both professional and community arenas, and it is her intention to continue paving the way for herself and others to do the same!

Our Vision

We envision a telecommunication world in which everyone, everywhere, can use a variety of communication mediums to suit their needs. We believe that this increases access to medical and emergency services, social services, employment opportunities, human interaction, and overall quality of life for both those with and those without disabilities. Not only is such universal access possible, but it is also a basic need.

Our Approach

VTCSecure takes a collaborative approach to technological innovation. We recognize that necessity is the mother of all invention, and that demand for equal and effective communication among the Deaf and Hard of Hearing initially gave rise to nationwide video call centers. We will always remain dedicated to serving the telecommunication needs of members of disabilities communities, and thus seek input from those users of our technology. Additionally, our partner businesses, governments, and organizations have had an important voice in shaping the development of our technology. For example, we are creating Deaf-to-Deaf or ASL-to-ASL call centers that allow a Deaf consumer to communicate directly with a Deaf company representative, saving outsourced expenses and creating jobs. Feedback from our users not only garners fresh ideas and helps us create the highest quality products and services, but it also expands the conversation about disabilities, telecommunications, and technological advancement on a larger scale.

Ultimately, our approach is very simple: we seek to fully understand the business, product, or service needed, as well as the specific needs of customers or end users. When we design solutions for a specific community, such as the Deaf or Blind Communities, we interact with the end users to determine what features and specific requirements need to be addressed so we can develop a specific solution that meets all requirements.