Originally built only for people with disabilities, ABILITY Job Fair launches new accessible platform for all.

The first face to face video-based platform, accessible for people with deafness, hard of hearing, blindness and more, now expands to a virtual career fair recruitment tool to fill the need for person to person talent search, without traveling.

Costa Mesa, Mar 26, 2020 (Issuewire.com)  – ABILITY Job Fair (AJF), is the first dedicated face-to-face distance platform for the human resources industry that boosts recruitment productivity with unmatched virtual career fair capabilities.

As a direct result of the COVID-19 nation-wide lockdowns, telework has become the norm and workflow has been disrupted. Distance–the new necessity.

AJF now offers AJF-SCORE (Single Company Online Recruitment Enterprise) so that companies can continue to recruit candidates through the live job fair experience at a distance, maintaining normal workflow in these uncertain times. Best of all, AJF-SCORE was built with accessibility, compliance and privacy in mind.

Using new ABILITY Job Fair technology for online face-to-face job fairs, recruiters conduct consecutive, video meetings with potential candidates, maximizing their time and eliminating the need for in-person job fairs. During an online event, recruiters receive a steady stream of candidates in the queue waiting to speak with them live from desktop, tablet or smartphone devices. Built with accessibility and ADA in mind, this technology breaks down communication barriers and meets EEO requirements.

Becky Copeland, CEO of VTCSecure, states, “I’m thrilled to expand our partnership with ABILITY Job Fair to provide solutions for companies leveraging recruitment at a distance. We’ve seen powerful results with AJF already using our technology as they continue to build their talent pipeline even as travel restrictions are being felt around the world. With the success seen so far with our current customers, it’s going to be extremely rewarding to help companies learn about AJF-SCORE and remain engaged in their recruiting needs during this downturn.”

Virtual technology will soften the blow to talent acquisition and maintain lasting benefits over the months and years to come. And as we approach recovery, some recruiters will need to prepare to bring their workforce up to speed once again. Others will need to gear up in order to accommodate the new work environment.

AJF-SCORE’s accessible video-based technology includes real-time speech to text for people who have difficulty hearing, screen reader compatibility for people who are blind, SMS and document transfer capability, and sign language interpreter video connections for people who are deaf. AJF-SCORE can provide sign language interpreters if companies do not have their own.

AJF-SCORE provides recruiters and job seekers a way to make connections without needing to leave their home. Both recruiters and participants can attend from anywhere in the world and interact in a digital environment that requires no additional downloaded resources.

Chet Cooper, the co-founder of AJF, states, “AJF-SCORE will provide an online solution for organizations looking to host fully interactive and accessible job fairs for individual corporate recruiting needs. Since we are accessible, it mitigates potential compliance and ADA concerns during career fairs. AJF has been pleased to have worked with some of the largest companies and organizations such as Google, US Secret Service, NIH, Waste Management, Facebook and Aetna, all choosing to lean into this advanced technology. We now are moving into a fully inclusive platform for companies to access this timely and useful platform.”


ABILITYJobFair.org is an accessible online job fair platform bringing recruiters and job seeker with and without disABILITIES together. AJF uses face-to-face video, chat, speech-to-text and American Sign Language to allow for the most in-person human experience possible without the need to travel.

Established in 1995, abilityJOBS.com, has the largest resume bank of people with disABILITIES. abilityJOBS has been disrupting the norm and connecting hundreds of thousands of job seekers and employers.

VTCSecure, LLC  is a global company that provides On-Demand, Video, Voice & Text Call Center Services that are secure and accessible from any device. VTCSecure is known to be experts in their field and has focused their efforts to improve communication and technology in the disability community with applications and solutions specifically focused for deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind and blind persons.

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